1. Advents låge: En hilsen fra Bolivia

Diálogos adventskalender sender en hilsen fra Bolivia, hvor Mercury-free gold mining-projektet med Plagbol, startede op, i 2020 ligesom, Covid-19 begyndte. Projektet underviser lokale guld-minearbejdere, i at udvinde guld med borax-metoderne, i Sorata og Guanay, for at stoppe kviksølvforureningen i Bolivia fra mellem- og småskala guldminedrift (ASGM). Ligesom Diálogos har gjort i Filippinerne og Uganda.  Bolivia har […]

Introduction of Mercury-Free Gold Extraction to Small-Scale Miners in the Cabo Delgado Province in Mozambique

Background: The majority of small-scale gold miners worldwide, including those in Mozambique, use mercury to extract gold. Over the last fifty years, gold production from small-scale mining has been accelerating and consequently the amount of mercury released to the environment has increased dramatically, causing major global health problems. In 2018, a team from the Danish […]

Training of Small Scale Miners and their Families in Safe Handling of Mercury During Extraction of Gold in the Philippines. Improving Access to Social Services: health services and income opportunities for Small Scale Miners and Their Families

SummaryTwo small-scale mining districts were investigated: Sibutad in Zamboanga del Norte on Mindanao, and several villages in Camarines Norte: Barangay Casalugan, Paracale; Barangay Luklukan, Jose Panganiban and Barangay Gumaus, Paracale on southern Lu- zon. A brief visit was also paid to milling stations for small-scale miners in Benguet North of Manila. The main finding of […]

Mercury Pollution from Small-Scale Gold Mining Can Be Stopped by Implementing the Gravity-Borax Method – A Two-Year Follow-Up Study from Two Mining Communities in the Philippines

Abstract Mercury is used globally to extract gold in artisanal and small-scale gold mining. The mercury-free gravity-borax method for gold extraction was introduced in two mining communities using mercury in the provinces Kalinga and Camarines Norte. This article describes project activities and quantitative changes in mercury consumption and analyzes the implementation with diffusion of innovations theory. Activities […]