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Introduction of Mercury-Free Gold Extraction to Small-Scale Miners in the Cabo Delgado Province in Mozambique

Background: The majority of small-scale gold miners worldwide, including those in Mozambique, use mercury to extract gold. Over the last fifty years, gold production from small-scale mining has been accelerating and consequently the amount of mercury released to the environment has increased dramatically, causing major global health problems. In 2018, a team from the Danish […]

Training of Small Scale Miners and their Families in Safe Handling of Mercury During Extraction of Gold in the Philippines. Improving Access to Social Services: health services and income opportunities for Small Scale Miners and Their Families

SummaryTwo small-scale mining districts were investigated: Sibutad in Zamboanga del Norte on Mindanao, and several villages in Camarines Norte: Barangay Casalugan, Paracale; Barangay Luklukan, Jose Panganiban and Barangay Gumaus, Paracale on southern Lu- zon. A brief visit was also paid to milling stations for small-scale miners in Benguet North of Manila. The main finding of […]


Assessment of Dithiocarbamate Residues on Tomatoes Conventionally Grown in Uganda and the Effect of Simple Washing to Reduce Exposure Risk to Consumers

ABSTRACT: Pesticide misuse by farmers poses health risks to consumers. This study assessed the level of dithiocarbamate residues in tomatoes acquired from 20 farmers and 25 market vendors in Wakiso District, how simple washing affects these residues, and the potential chronic health risk for Ugandans eating such tomatoes. Results revealed that mancozeb was the only reported dithiocarbamate, […]

Obstacles and Opportunities for Diffusion of Integrated Pest Management Strategies Reported by Bolivian Small-Scale Farmers and Agronomists

Integrated pest management (IPM) with an increased used of ecological farming methods and less and safer use of pesticides offers solutions to reduce risks of developing pest resistance, human poisoning, and environmental pollution. Despite being promoted by Food and Agriculture Organization and others, it has not spread readily in low-income countries. This article presents the […]

Effect of Integrated Pest Management Training on Ugandan Small-Scale Farmers

Small-scale farmers in developing countries use hazardous pesticides taking few or no safety measures. Farmer field schools (FFSs) teaching integrated pest management (IPM) have been shown to reduce pesticide use among trained farmers. This cross-sectional study compares pesticide-related knowledge, attitude, practice (KAP), potential exposure, and self-reported poisoning symptoms among 35 FFS farmers, 44 neighboring farmers, […]

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Neurological Deficits After Long-term Pyrethroid Exposure

Pyrethroid pesticides have been suggested to be a cause of Parkinson disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. To investigate this, a cross-sectional study was conducted among 120 Bolivian public health vector program spray men, primarily exposed to pyrethroids. Pesticide exposure and central nervous system (CNS) symptoms were determined by a structured interview, whereas neuromotor and neurocognitive […]

GEOVIDEN om kviksølv

Diálogos er fint profileret i nyeste nummer af Geoviden om kviksølv, hvor vi Diálogos også har bidraget med flere af artiklerne. Det er en dejlig nyhed, at arbejdet også bliver omsat til positiv omtale. Man kan fra dette link læse Geoviden – Geologi og geografi nr.2, som er et temanummer om kviksølv.

Videnskabelig artikel om guld

Vort projekt i Filippinerne er genstand for en videnskabelig artikel, der dokumenterer, at den valgte udvindingsmetode er bedre end de traditionelle med kviksølv. Tidsskriftet Scientific Research har offentliggjort en gennemgang af metoderne og sideordnede eksperimenter foretaget af forfatterne i Afrika og Sydamerika. Forfatterne er Peter Wiltje Uitterdijk Appel og Leoncio Degay Na-Oy, førstnævnte er partner […]