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Diálogos er en frivillig organisation, der arbejder med at fremme sundhed i fattige lande som Bolivia, Uganda, Nepal og Filippinerne. Målet er at forebygge sygdomme, blandt andet som følge af dårligt arbejdsmiljø. Vi arbejder via seriøse lokale partnere, der er aktive blandt lokalsamfundets græsrødder.

Empowerment af målgruppen er en vigtig del af projekterne. Diálogos udnytter de aktive medlemmers individuelle faglige kompetencer og erfaringer til kvalificering og udvikling af projekterne. Fokusområder for projekterne er samspillet mellem sundhed, arbejdsmiljø og miljø, som fx interkulturel medicin, og sprøjtemidler. Vi er finansieret af danske udviklingsmidler.

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Interkulturel Medicin i Uganda

Diálogos har i samarbejde med organisationen KIMHECOP arbejdet med at forbedre befolkningens sundhed i Uganda

Skiltet foran KIMHECOPs kontor i Karamoja, Uganda

Pesticid projekt i Bolivia

Dialogos og PLAGBOL har i en årrække arbejdet med forebyggelse af pesticidforgiftninger

Bolivia medicin 3

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Assessment of Dithiocarbamate Residues on Tomatoes Conventionally Grown in Uganda and the Effect of Simple Washing to Reduce Exposure Risk to Consumers

ABSTRACT: Pesticide misuse by farmers poses health risks to consumers. This study assessed the level of dithiocarbamate residues in tomatoes acquired from 20 farmers and 25 market vendors in Wakiso District, how simple washing affects these residues, and the potential chronic health risk for Ugandans eating such tomatoes. Results revealed that mancozeb was the only reported dithiocarbamate, […]

Obstacles and Opportunities for Diffusion of Integrated Pest Management Strategies Reported by Bolivian Small-Scale Farmers and Agronomists

Integrated pest management (IPM) with an increased used of ecological farming methods and less and safer use of pesticides offers solutions to reduce risks of developing pest resistance, human poisoning, and environmental pollution. Despite being promoted by Food and Agriculture Organization and others, it has not spread readily in low-income countries. This article presents the […]

Pesticide Residues in Commercial Lettuce, Onion, and Potato Samples From Bolivia—A Threat to Public Health?

Bolivia does not have a surveillance program for pesticide residues in food. The few published studies have suggested that pesticide contamination in food may present a public health problem. Data are lacking for all foods except tomatoes and breast milk. In this study 10 potato, 10 onion, and 10 lettuce samples from La Paz were […]

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The best thing we have learnt about working with Dialogos is that, we all work as a team to make great impacts in communities and passion for value for money that is every penny spent should create a lasting change however small it brings.

KIMHECOP Partner i Karamoja, Uganda

Dialogos has and continues to be a catalyst for the development of Ban Toxics in the Philippines. Without Dialogos' support, foresight, and approach to development work, the measures and activities that Ban Toxics has put into place would have been very difficult to achieve.

Dialogos ​understands what development work is, and approaches it with the maturity, skill, and care needed to help developing country NGOs, such as Ban Toxics, thrive and excel in delivering needed services to the communities we serve.

Bantox Partner i Filipinerne